Magic runs rampant in the world. Harnessing it, well that is a different story. Only those who have the divine spark can be wizards and/or clerics. Everyone else must learn to tap into the latent magic around them and make up the sorcerers, shaman, warlocks, and witches of the world.

While some areas are highly magical, others are not. When a magic user wishes to cast a spell, he must pull the energy necessary from the surrounding area, and when he has enough to power his magic, he unleashes his spell.

This is done in game mechanics by have a Difficulty Class equivalent to 10 x the spell level. When casting a spell, the magic user rolls a Spellcraft check against the DC of the level of the spell plus any modifiers (positive or negative, these are often associated with how much magic is in the surrounding area). He can attempt one Spellcraft check per round. If he does not meet or exceed the DC of the spell, he carries the total of his roll into the next round and adds it to the next Spellcraft check. The magic user continues this process until he meets or exceeds the DC, at which point the spell ignites. This process is more like combat, instead of a skill check. 20’s and 1’s come into play. Rolling a 20 at any given point in the process means the caster has enough energy to cast the spell. Rolling a 1 at any point in the process means the caster’s concentration has been broken and he loses the spell.

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