We often forget that which we should not. Uncounted centuries of history. The sacrifices of gods and mortals. The face of true evil.

A millenia ago, the world was in balance. But The Divine Shadow, God of Darkness wanted more. It wanted all of creation, to possess or destroy. The other gods did not act at first, hoping for peace. When they finally did act, it was almost too late.

For a century the war between light and dark raged. Civilizations were torn down, much was lost. The Divine Shadow had grown in power, beyond the point where he could be destroyed. In the end, the Gods of Light sacrificed themselves to bind The Divine Shadow to the Tree of Life.

An age has passed. The followers of the Gods of Light have tended the Tree of Life, but their power and influence have waned. The temple has fallen into ruins and Tree of Life has grown sick and corrupt. Evil has stolen into men’s hearts, the whispers of The Divine Shadow can once more be heard.

I have seen the past. And without remembrance, it will be our future.


Dawn of the Fourth Age